“Of all the pages on all the sites in all the World Wide Web, you surfed into mine...”

That’s a modernized paraphrase, of course, of Humphrey Bogart’s classic line from the 1943 Best Picture, Casablanca. Obviously, I love movies. New movies and old. Color and black-and-white. Long and short. Dramas and comedies, westerns and musicals, actioners and romances, science fiction and period pieces. If it’s a good film, I want to see it.

I also love to write, with more than forty published and produced works to my name. So why not combine my two passions? The result is this website.

Born and raised in New York City, I’ve lived all over the United States, from upstate New York to rural South Carolina, from the flat plains of Kansas to the rainy climes of Washington State, from California’s sophisticated City by the Bay to its star-studded City of Angels. I now reside with my smart, talented, and beautiful wife Karen in Atlanta, Georgia.

Please enjoy my cinematic musings. I’m hopeful that visitors will find value in my reviews—full-size, medium, and the briefest of brief—and in my other pieces about film. I would especially love it if people discover movies they hadn’t known about or hadn’t considered watching.

Lights! Camera! Action!